Cannabis confections you'll love.

At High Road Edibles, we pride ourselves on chef-driven recipes with consistent dosing that don’t skimp on flavor for effectiveness.

Our Edibles: Consistent. Trustworthy. Delicious

  • Delicious Chef-driven THC Gummies, Chocolate and Mints

    Tired of searching for delicious, effective medical or recreational marijuana edibles in Montana? Twenty years of cooking in award-winning kitchens gave our founders the backgrounds they needed to craft a better edible.

    Compliant with Montana cannabis regulations.

Travel the High Road with Us

You have high expectations for the brands you choose. Your THC selection certainly shouldn’t be the exception to that rule. It wasn’t for us.

High Road Edibles Values

  • Enhance Your Mood

    Prioritize your personal wellness

  • Chef-Driven

    In-house development & recipe testing

  • Flavorful & Consistent

    Taste above … almost all else

Featured Product Review

“Between spending my workday demonstrating exercises and my own practice, soreness is a regular visitor at my door! Taking 2 mints helped me reduce soreness and let me wind down. I would highly recommend them to my clients!”

Evan Smith
Fitness and Mobility Instructor

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