Flavorful, cannabis and hemp-infused confections with consistent dosing

Tired of searching for delicious, effective medical marijuana and CBD edibles in Montana? Don’t settle for low-quality, inconsistent edibles that essentially reuse bigger brands’ products to create something “new.” It may be new, but it’s not better.


High-quality CBD Mints Aided by Herbal Supplements

High Road Edibles medical cannabis mints


Delicious Chef-driven THC Gummies, Chocolate and Mints

High Road Edibles medical marijuana gummies

Made from scratch to deliver a great experience with great taste.

Enjoy your edibles knowing they come from a trustworthy source with premium flavoring. After all, these are chef-driven confections, not your college buddy’s brownies.

High-quality gummies and mints that are redefining medical cannabis and CBD edibles in Montana are available right at your fingertips.

Change direction with High Road Edibles — available at Greenhouse Farmacy in Missoula, Montana.

1541 South 3rd Street West

Across from the Good Food Store

101 West Front Street

Downtown Missoula